Our Constitution

  1. Name and Object
    1. The name of the Society shall be the Trinity College Music Society.
    2. The Object of the Society shall be to promote the practice and appreciation of music among the students of and other people associated with Trinity College, Cambridge.
  2. Membership
    1. Membership of the Society shall be open to all those whom the Committee decides should be eligible, upon payment of the appropriate subscription, as set by the Committee.
    2. The Committee may create multiple classes of Membership, which may:
      1. last for different periods of time;
      2. have different subscriptions;
      3. be open to different groups of people.
    3. The class of Membership with the lowest subscription shall be open to all current students of Trinity College.
    4. The President shall designate a Committee member to be responsible for maintaining the list of Members.
    5. Members may terminate their membership of the Society by sending written notice to the designated Committee member.
  3. Committee
    1. The Society’s affairs shall be managed by a Committee, consisting of a President, Secretary, Junior Treasurer and such other members as are elected or co-opted in accordance with this Constitution.
    2. No person shall hold more than one of the positions listed by name in clause 1.
    3. Elections to the Committee shall normally take place at the AGM. All Committee members shall stand down at each AGM, but may stand for re-election.
    4. Members of the Committee may resign by notifying all other Committee members in writing or by e-mail.
    5. If a Committee member fails to attend three consecutive Committee meetings, the rest of the Committee may decide to remove them from their post.
    6. Committee members may be removed at an EGM, provided that at least two thirds of the Members present and voting vote for the removal.
    7. The Committee shall determine its own rules of procedure.
  4. Responsibilities of Committee Members
    1. The President shall be responsible for overseeing all the affairs of the Society and as such must answer for the activities of the Society. He shall ensure that the constitution is complied with, and shall present (in person if possible) a report of the Society’s activities to each AGM.
    2. The Secretary shall take minutes of all Committee meetings and General Meetings, and shall ensure that these minutes are kept safe until they are deposited in the Society’s archives in the Wren Library.
    3. The Junior Treasurer shall be responsible for the financial affairs of the Society and shall present a statement of the accounts to the AGM.
    4. The responsibilities of other Committee members, and additional responsibilities of Committee members listed above, shall be determined by the President.
  5. General Meetings
    1. The Society shall hold one Annual General Meeting in every year, during Lent Full Term.
    2. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called at any time by the President, either at the request of the Committee, or on receipt of a request signed by twenty-five members of the Society and stating the business to be considered at the meeting.
    3. Notice of an AGM or EGM shall be given to Members of the Society at least seven days in advance of the meeting specifying the date, time and venue of the meeting and the business to be considered, and, if appropriate, inviting nominations for Committee posts.
    4. An AGM or EGM shall be chaired by the Senior Treasurer or by their representative, nominated in writing.
    5. All Members of the Society may attend, speak and vote at an AGM or EGM.
    6. Others may be admitted to and speak at an AGM or EGM only with the consent of the President, Senior Treasurer or chair of the meeting, and may not vote.
    7. No business may be considered at an EGM which was not specified in the notice of the meeting.
    8. Motions may be submitted on the floor of the AGM, if proposed and seconded by Members of the Society, but shall not be binding on the Committee unless they were sent to the President (with the names of the proposer and seconder) at least forty-eight hours in advance.
    9. All motions other than elections shall be voted on by show of hands.
  6. Election of the Committee
    1. The posts for which elections are to be held at the AGM shall be determined by the outgoing Committee.
    2. Nominations for the Committee must be proposed and seconded by Members of the Society, and the person nominated must agree to accept the nomination.
    3. Nominations shall be notified in writing or by e-mail to the President before the midnight preceding the AGM. The President shall have discretion to accept nominations and amendments to nominations after this deadline, up to the start of the AGM.
    4. Only students of Trinity College shall be eligible to be elected to the Committee. They need not be Members of the Society.
    5. In every election, Members shall be given the option to vote to Re-Open Nominations instead of for any candidate.
    6. Elections shall be by Single Transferable Vote. If there is only a single candidate, they may be held by show of hands.
    7. The votes shall be counted by the chair of the AGM, who shall not vote except in exercise of a casting vote as specified below.
    8. If, at any stage of the count, it is not possible to determine what candidate to elect or eliminate due to a tie, the chair of the AGM shall decide by casting vote, which shall be counted for that stage only.
    9. The Committee members elected shall take office at the Committee meeting following the AGM, which shall take place within two weeks of the AGM.
  7. Vacancies in the Committee
    1. Should a Committee post be vacant for any reason, including failure to elect anyone to the post at the AGM, the Committee may:
      1. cause an election to be held at an EGM;
      2. co-opt any Trinity student or Member of the Society to fill the post;
      3. or decide not to fill the vacancy, if it is not for a post specifically named in this Constitution.
    2. If an election is to be held, Section 6 shall apply, with AGM replaced by EGM throughout.
    3. The Committee may at any time decide to create a new Committee post and fill it in any of the ways specified in clause 1.
  8. Finance
    1. The Junior Treasurer shall maintain one or more bank accounts to hold the funds of the Society.
    2. The Junior Treasurer, Senior Treasurer and up to two other Committee members shall be signatories to the bank account.
  9. Senior Treasurer
    1. The Society shall have a Senior Treasurer, who shall be a senior member of Trinity College.
    2. The Senior Treasurer shall advise the Committee, ensure that the Constitution is complied with, and audit the accounts annually.
    3. The Senior Treasurer shall be appointed by the Committee whenever the position falls vacant.
    4. The Senior Treasurer may resign by notifying all Committee members in writing or by email.
    5. The Senior Treasurer shall not be liable for any debt or other obligation of the society except where they have personally authorized it in writing.
  10. Alterations
    1. This Constitution may be altered at an AGM or EGM on the recommendation of the Committee, with the approval of at least two thirds of the Members present and voting.
  11. Interpretation
    1. The authoritative copy of this Constitution shall be kept by the Senior Treasurer.
    2. In the event of doubt concerning the interpretation of the Constitution, the decision of the Senior Treasurer, after consulting the Committee, shall be final.