TCMS is run by a committee of Trinity students who are elected each February. The current committee would be delighted to answer any of your queries via the emails listed below.

We are grateful to the society's patrons, Lord Rees of Ludlow, Dr Ron Ferrari, Prof Caroline Humphrey, Dr Hugh Hunt, Prof Hugh Osborn and Dr Richard Hayward, and our Senior Treasurer Stephen Layton.


We are forever in debt to Paul Nicholson, Eleanor Lancelot and the rest of the Chapel and Music Office for their help and support.

Molly Noon

President     [email protected]

Thomas Hood

Vice-President     [email protected]

Hana Edwards

Secretary     [email protected]

Harry Guthrie

Treasurer     [email protected]

Alex Patel

Artistic Director  
Director of the Trinity Singers

Patrick Donnelly

Publicity Officer & Social Secretary     [email protected]

Daniel Atkinson

Membership Officer      [email protected]

Louisa Stuart-Smith

Librarian     [email protected]

Maelle-Marie Troadec 

Jazz Officer     [email protected]

Angus Robinson 

Jazz Officer     [email protected]

Victor Matthews

Officer without Portfolio